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Retiree Times

In support of SDG&E's initiative to help the environment and to save money, after 2018 the SDG&E Alumni Association no longer prints our hard copy Retiree Times. We will continue to publish them and send them via email. At this time, approximately 1,200 of our 2,600 members have provided us with email addresses. If you still wish to receive this information, we need to have an email address. Don't have one yourself? Would one of your kids or grandkids be willing to receive this on your behalf and print it for you? How about a neighbor or a friend? Perhaps even another SDG&E retiree? We feel it's important to be able to communicate so that we can distribute information about SDG&E and our retirees and send you an invitation to our annual luncheon. We want to assure you that we do not share this information with anyone outside of your board members and you can opt out of the e-mailings at any time. So, please fill out this online e-mail address update form.

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